What is AWS Trusted Advisor?

It is an automated best practice wizard. It checks the cost and performance of your account and then proposes improvements to reduce cost and optimize performance.

How does AWS Trusted Advisor come up with recommendations?

AWS has established a set of best practices. AWS Trusted Advisor compares your account against those best practices. It flags deviations from the best practices and recommends steps to adopt the best practices.

How does AWS Trusted Advisor help you?

AWS Trusted Advisor:

  • identifies ways to optimize your AWS Infrastructure
  • improves security and performance
  • helps you reduce cost
  • monitors service quotas

What are the different levels of support provided by AWS Trusted Advisor?

Basic support includes seven core services:

  • S3 permissions
  • security groups
  • IAM roles
  • MFA
  • RDS
  • EBS
  • Service limits

AWS Developer Support

  • Basic support + real time guidance

AWS Business Support and AWS Enterprise Support

Customers can access all checks:

  • cost optimization
  • security
  • fault tolerance
  • performance
  • services quota

Questions & Answers

List any two categories of AWS Trusted Advisor:

Fault tolerance and Performance

All AWS users have access to which AWS Trusted Advisor Checks:

Security checks and Cost optimization checks

List two AWS Trusted Advisor checks:

  1. Information on Amazon S3 bucket permissions
  2. MFA enabled on the AWS account root user

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