Jupyter Cheat Sheet

Jupyter is an online notebook. You can run python, markup, bash commands, generate visualizations, and much more in the notebook and display the output as well within the same page.

Task Command / Instructions (Keyboard shortcut)
create notebook Click on New button and choose notebook type
Keyboard shortcuts Help > keyboard shortcuts
change notebook title double-click on title
return to command mode Esc key
switch to edit mode Return key
Execute code Cells > Run cells (ctrl+enter)
Cells > Run cells and select below (shift+enter)
Cells > Run cells and insert below (option+enter)
Insert cell Insert > Insert cell above (A)
Insert > Insert cell below (B)
Change cell type Cell > Cell Type > ...
bash commands start command with !
list magic commands %lsmagic
Interrupt a command Kernel > Interrupt
Download File > Download As
Install new notebook Download ipynb file to Jupyter directory, open from dashboard