MongoDB is document based NoSQL database. This means that:

  • it has no schema
  • it has no relations
  • it is agile and scaleable
  • stores information in nested documents of two-dimensional key/value pairs.

What are the benefits of using MongoDB?

  • you do not have to pre-define your schema or data model
  • works nicely with JavaScript
  • ideal for client-side applications

Installing MongoDB

Installing MongoDB on Mac with Homebrew

PHP package managers

PHP has seemingly countless extensions and packages. See to see the list of packages. Naturally, you would wish to have a software to manage the extensions and packages. Wish granted! PEAR, PECL, and composer are PHP package managers.


PEAR was the first PHP package manager. It is designed for systemwide packages so anytime you install a package through PEAR, it is installed in a central repository. The scripts and commands become available from anywhere on the commandline.


PECL manages compiled extensions to PHP.