WordPress Plugins

WordPress has very limited content management features by design. But you can add rich functionality with plugins. Plugins are small WordPress applications that extend or change the features and functionality of WordPress. For example, WordPress on its own is decent blogging site. However, when you install the woocommerce plugin, it becomes a feature rich ecommerce site. Plugins are easy to install and activated. Once activated, the plugin code offer new functionality. When deactivated, it stops offering the functionality. There are thousands of plugins available online for free or for a fee. With such a wide selection, the chances are that you will find a plugin with the features you desire and would not have to code one yourself.

You can download plugins from free from http://wordpress.org/plugins/ or for a fee from third-party vendors.

To install plugin

  1. Login into WP admin
  2. Plugins > Add New
  3. Search or browse your plugin 4 When you see you plugin, click on Install button

To activate/decactivate plugin

  1. Login into WP admin
  2. Plugins
  3. Find you plugin and activate or deactivate it

Which Plugins to Install The more plugins you install, the complex and difficult to manage your site will become. Therefore, take the time to research your plugins and only install the plugins you will be using. More is not better. Prefer installing plugins with high ratings and built by better known programmers / companies. This helps ensure that the plugin will not go out of support in the near future.