Quick Introduction to Amazon Cloud

Amazon Cloud or AWS Cloud offers many services and tools which facilitate development of IT services. Following is a brief overview.

  • EC2 is a web service that provides resizeable compute capacity (servers resources)
  • Autoscaling refers to application scaling (increasing and decreasing resources allocated to applications) to optimize performance and costs
  • Amazon VPC (http://aws.amazon.com/vpc) : Allows you to provision virtual private clouds within AWS cloud
  • CloudWatch gathers statistics
  • RDS is Amazon's relation database service


  • EFS (http://aws.amazon.com/efs) : scaleable and elastic file system for Linux
  • EBS : offers persistent block storage
  • S3 : is a fully managed object storage service with a simple API

Configuring Application Infrastructure

  • Elastic Beanstalk deploys, manages, and scale web application services
  • OpsWorks is a configuration management service that provides instances of Chef and Puppet
  • CloudFormation provisions and manages stacks of AWS resources based on user-created templates to model their infrastructure architecture

Handling Traffic

To handle traffic, AWS offers the following services:

  • Route53 is DNS service
  • ELB handles and distributes traffic to different nodes

Cloud is different from traditional hosting environments. Different in the sense of what it offers and how the services should be constructed. Following articles explain the services in greater detail.