Python3 for programmers

This publication is for programmers who want to learn python. It is assumed that you know what variable, arrays, data structures, functions, etc. already are. You only need python's syntax and tips for using them. So here, you will see more code and less explanation. If you are a programmer who only needs to fill in the blanks to become functional in python3, then you have come to the right place. If you need to learn programming, try googling "python for beginners". There are many excellent free online sources to learn python. You don't need to buy a book.

The best way to learn from this booklet is to copy paste the code, run it, modify it, and understand it.

python is:

  • an interpreting language
  • a fully object-oriented language
  • dynamically typed
  • strongly typed

Installing and running

If you are using Linux, python3 is probably already installed on your system. Type the following to check:

which python3

If you don't have it installed, the command to install on Ubuntu is:

sudo apt-get install python3
sudo apt-get install python-pip3

On mac,

brew install python3
brew install pip3

To check if the python3 and pip3 was installed,

which python3
which pip3

To run a python program, simply type python3 and the file you want to run.