Neat Microsoft Windows keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft Windows offer many simple keyboard shortcuts. If you use computer as much as I do, you would find that these commands are easy to remember and simplify life a little bit. The symbol + in the table means that you have to press those keys together. win is the windows button just to the right of ctrl with Microsoft Windows logo. The keys are typed in CAPS to increase readability e.g. one and the letter can be confusing is lowercase but not when L is written in uppercase. The commands are NOT case sensitive.

shortcut explanation
CTRL+ESC open windows system menu
ALT+TAB switch between windows
ALT+F4 close window - the key F4, not F+4
WIN+L lock computer
WIN+D show desktop
WIN+E open windows explorer
WIN+R open run command window
WIN+F open windows search
CTRL+SHIFT+ESC open task manager
CTRL+ALT+DEL open manager to interrupt a program
CTRL+A select all
CTRL+C copy
CTRL+X cut
CTRL+V paste
SHIFT+DEL permanent delete, the delete items will not go to recycle bin