Amazon VPC - Virtual Private Cloud

You can create your own private cloud with AWS cloud. VPC is a logically isolated section of AWS Cloud. Following are key features of VPC:

  • full control over your network configurations
  • several layers of security
  • many key AWS services such as EC2, S3, RDS, and ElastiCache deploy into VPC
  • VPC lives within a region thus it spans multiple availability zones
  • setup subnets to divide VPC
  • use route tables to control traffic
  • Internet Gateway (IGW) to access Internet from VPC
  • NAT gateway allows private subnet resources to access Internet
  • Network Access Control Lists (NACL) control access to subnets

To create you VPC, login into you console.

  • Create VPC
  • Choose IP
  • Create subnet (256 IPs)
  • Add IGW

You can connect to your VPC through VPN, CLI, or Amazon DirectConnect.