escape quotes

Perl Quotes and Escape Sequences

Perl string literals are enclosed in quotation marks. You can use either single quotes ('') or double quotes ("").

print "hello";
print 'hello'; 

Now suppose you need to print a string which contains a single or double quote such as following strings:

This is bob's watch.
Alice replied, "It was a birthday gift."

If I do the following,

Escaping single quotes inside single quotes in bash

In bash, you can use the backslash character ("\") to escape any character. However, if a single quote is inside single quotes, it cannot be escaped with a backslash character. For example:

alias ycd='some_command'

works fine but

alias ycd='command -option 'something''
alias ycd='command -option \'something\''

both of the above return errors.

A trick around this problem is to use both quotes i.e. use double quotes to surround the single quote and single quotes again to surround the single quote.