Planning data science project

When planning for a data science project, you need to spend to seek clarification about the project. The important questions are:

  • What are the goals of the project?
  • What resources are required for this project?
    • data
    • software
    • personnel
  • Are there any important deadlines?
  • Who are the stakeholders?

Once you have sufficiently gained clarity on your project:

Concatenating cells in Excel

To concatenate cells in Excel, you can either use the concatenation() function or the & symbol. If

A1 = Hello
A2 = World



will produce



=concatenate(A1," ",A2)

will produce

Hello World

If the concatenation is not working, then make sure that the format of A1 and A2 is "text" and the format of the cell with the concatenation function/formula is "general".

Installing drupal using vagrant

If you are running a windows system, it can be difficult to setup several pristine drupal development environments. The simple solution is to install a virtual machine, setup your drupal such that it has no affect on the rest of your system. A better solution is to use a virtual machine workflow system that will allow you to easily create and work with several virtual machines. Vagrant is such a system and in here you will learn how to set it up.